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Holy Shannoli offers the crispy, cream filled classic pastry, the cannoli. Our flavors range from the classics to new, creative twists, all made with love and care.



Seasonal Feature

Pumpkin Spice Latte

*currently unavailable*


Our Services


Special Orders

Orders of a half to a full dozen prepared for you to share (or not!) with your fellow cannoli lovers. Click the link below to view our menu and order online now.

*Delivery available within specified delivery zone


Catered Events

If you have an event approaching or are planning ahead for a large gathering, party, or wedding, let us help creat a spcialized experience for you and your guests. Holy Shannoli now offeres catering for events, including a cannoli filling station, perfect for that extra special touch. Click the link below to inquire more.



Holy Shannoli is now available for wholesale options to bars, restaurants, and markets. Also available are our cannoli kits, pre-garnished shells and a piping bag filled with your flavor of choice. Inquire with us today at the link below about creating a special offering for you. 

This Is How We Do It


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Shannon Smith, the creative force behind Holy Shannoli, is not your average dessert enthusiast. Her journey into the world of cannoli began in the charming streets of the North End in Boston, where she had her first taste of this iconic Italian pastry. What started as a vacation indulgence quickly transformed into a lifelong passion.


Enchanted by the delicate layers of crispiness and the rich, creamy filling, Shannon returned home with a mission – to master the art of crafting the perfect cannoli. Armed with determination and a newfound love for the sweet delicacy, she embarked on a culinary adventure that would lead to the birth of Holy Shannoli.


What sets Holy Shannoli apart is Shannon's unique blend of whimsy and tradition. Her cannoli creations are a delightful marriage of classic techniques and playful innovation. Each bite is a testament to her dedication and unwavering passion for the craft. The result is a cannoli experience that goes beyond the ordinary, inviting customers to savor the joy and creativity infused into every pastry.


As the owner and heart behind Holy Shannoli, Shannon continues to pour her soul into perfecting her sweet treats. Her small cannoli company has become a local sensation, attracting those with a taste for the extraordinary. Shannon Smith's story is a testament to the power of passion and the sweet rewards that come from turning a moment of culinary delight into a lifelong pursuit.

Our Creator

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Born and raised in Oregon, Shannon Smith spent her childhood dreaming of the day she would own her own bakery. After spending 15 years in the service industry working for some of Portland's most accomlished chefs, she decided to make the transition from serving others creations to making her own. 

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